Roof Against Clear Blue Sky


At Blueprint Planning we believe in delivering quality, timely and cost effective results for our clients. We bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the development and consenting processes.


With over 10 years industry experience, director Nafis Rashid can provide expert advice from his time working in local government and the private sector in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. These experiences have provided us with a network of good relationships in local council and an appreciation for both sides of the development framework. 


At its core, Blueprint Planning drives to de-risk the consenting process and remove the stress from urban development. As the name suggests, we will work with you to establish the blueprint of your next project by getting involved from the outset. This hands on approach can significantly reduce time, costs and later delays in the consenting process.


As a planning consultancy, we work with a strong network of industry professionals to ensure you are in the best of hands. As a collective, we guide your development from concept, right through to completion.

Come speak to us today and start the process right.